Early Bird Flash Races

Early Bird Flash Races

Get ready for the ultimate poker experience with our Early Bird Flash Races, specially designed for the dedicated small stakes grinders. Players can now win even bigger rewards, with daily prizes boosted up to $40 per day, totaling an extra $200 in prize money each week on top of our rakeback and other rake races. These unique promotions are your opportunity to maximize earnings and gain a competitive edge like never before.

Early Bird Flash Races run from Monday to Friday, 9 AM - 7 PM, offering high-reward tournaments that are announced exclusively on our Discord server. Their increased prize pool and the advantage of playing early make them a favorite among players seeking an exciting challenge with the potential for substantial earnings.

How to Earn Points:

Points in the Flash Races are earned by playing at cash game tables. The amount of points you accumulate is directly related to the rake you pay: the higher the stakes and the more tables you play, the more points you'll rack up. It's a perfect challenge for those who love the thrill of the game and the pursuit of victory.

Claiming Your Prizes:

Victory is sweet, and claiming your prize is simple. If you're one of the lucky winners, make sure to contact support in our Discord server to claim your winnings. Our support team is ready to assist you and ensure you receive your reward.

Why Join Our Discord?

Exclusive Notifications: Be the first to know when Early Bird Flash Races and other special events happen. Our Discord community receives immediate announcements, giving you the advantage to join early and secure your spot.

Community Advantage: Join a tight-knit community of poker players who share tips, strategies, and the excitement of the game. Being part of our Discord means you're in on the action where it happens first, especially for our Early Bird Flash Races.

Maximize Your Earnings: With rewards that can now exceed 100% rakeback thanks to the increased daily prizes of our Early Bird Flash Races, these events are opportunities you don't want to miss. They're designed to significantly benefit our players, making each game more rewarding.

🌟 Player Success Spotlight 🌟

Witness the remarkable achievements of our players in the Early Bird Flash Races. These champions exemplify strategic gameplay and embody the competitive spirit that makes our community great.

Top Winners

Our races bring out the best in players, with top performers earning substantial prizes and exceptional rakeback rates. Congratulations to the following champions:

  • 🏆 Crackero - Astonishing Rakeback: 10,000% | Turned $0.10 into $10!
  • 🏆 Goodbeat12 - Incredible Rakeback: 4,000% | Won $4 on just $0.10 in rake!
  • 🏆 rumbitaki - Amazing Rakeback: 2,105% | Secured $4 on only $0.19 in rake!
  • 🏆 copadomundo - Remarkable Rakeback: 4,000% | Transformed $0.10 into a $4 prize!
Bankroll Boosters

These players have mastered the art of growing their bankrolls through the Early Bird Races:

  • 💰 rumbitaki - Huge $26 win on just $2.09 in rake!
  • 💰 Goodbeat12 - Impressive $26 prize on only $1.62 in rake!
  • 💰 Herberto - Consistent wins, earning $26 prizes multiple times!

📈 Rake in the Rewards 📈

The Early Bird Races are not just about the thrill of competition; they're also an incredible opportunity to boost your rakeback earnings. Check out these mind-blowing rakeback percentages achieved by our players:

  • 🔥 Crackero - 10,000%
  • 🔥 Goodbeat12 - 4,000%
  • 🔥 rumbitaki - 2,105%
  • 🔥 copadomundo - 4,000%
  • 🔥 sasheoka - 1,765%
  • 🔥 Leedragon20 - 851%
  • 🔥 otterpuff - 840%
  • 🔥 Herberto - 634%
  • 🔥 Kimcarcas - 514%
  • 🔥 elconejomal0 - 471%

These extraordinary rakeback percentages show that participating in the Early Bird Races is not just about winning prizes; it's also a powerful way to maximize your rakeback earnings and get the most value out of every game you play.

Ready to join these legendary players and boost your own bankroll? The Early Bird Races are your ticket to poker glory and unbelievable rewards.

Join the Early Bird Races Now

🚀 Skyrocket Your Poker Earnings 🚀

Participating in the Early Bird Races is easy and rewarding. Here's how you can get started:

  1. Join our Discord community to stay up-to-date on all the latest Early Bird Race announcements and connect with fellow players.
  2. Opt-in to the Early Bird Races each day between 9 AM and 7 PM to compete for your share of the $40 daily prize pool.
  3. Play your favorite cash games and earn points based on the rake you generate. The more you play, the higher you'll climb on the leaderboard.
  4. Win big and claim your prizes! Contact our support team on Discord to receive your rewards and celebrate your success with the community.

But the rewards don't stop there. By participating in the Early Bird Races and sharing your achievements on social media, you can help us grow the community and the prize pools. The more buzz we generate, the bigger the prizes will get – it's a win-win for everyone!

Together, we can create the most exciting and rewarding poker experience in the world. Join the Early Bird Races today and become a part of our legendary community of winners!