Rounder Casino Affiliate Program

Affiliate Application

Affiliates can earn up to 50% commission!

How Our Poker Affiliate Program Works

Our program is simple: You bring players to Rounder Casino and earn money when they play. The more players you recruit each month, the higher your share of revenue. If you do it right, this revenue stream can continue to earn you money for years!

Earning Potential

The more you refer, the higher the revenue you earn on each player.

Monthly Active PlayersAffiliate Rev Share
3 - 1020%
11 - 2525%
26 - 5030%
51 - 10035%
201 +50%

Are you also a Poker Streamer?

We have additional incentives for those affiliates who bring a streaming community with them! We recognize the benefit of choosing Rounder Casino as your primary or even secondary poker room to showcase to your loyal followers.

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  1. All Rounder Casino Terms & Conditions apply.
  2. Additional Streamer Terms & Conditions apply once accepted.
  3. Affiliate Revenue is paid weekly.
  4. Affiliate Revenue Share is adjusted on the 1st of each month.