Low-Risk Club Poker
Affiliate Program

Play. Refer. Earn.

Refer players to Rounder Casino and earn a percentage of the monthly revenue, without the legal risks.

Avoid the Legal Red Tape Around Club Poker

The most obvious problem with club poker is that owners accept payments and transfer money through personally owned accounts. As most club owners know, this increases the risk of getting into trouble with authorities for things like fraud and money laundering, depending on how the transactions are categorized.

Recently, club owners were sent these highlights:

“…Any player that enters into Suspicious Transactions may violate local anti-money laundering / counter-terrorist financing laws…At the same time, players are not allowed to transfer “Virtual” Items outside of the Services (e.g., in the “real world”), for example, by selling, gifting, or trading them… Any such transfer or attempted transfer is prohibited, and we reserve the right to terminate the relevant Account.”

Our goal is to remove the risk so club owners can do what they do best: bring players to the table. Learn all the reasons affiliate partners trust Rounder Casino.

How Our Poker Affiliate Program Works

Don’t miss out on profits because of the red tape. Work with good people, simplify the process, and take away the risk. Our referral share program is flexible, limitless, and highly profitable. It’s a new kind of club poker that focuses on helping savvy entrepreneurs profit from one of the world’s oldest competitive games.

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Earn up to 35% in commission

Earning Potential

The more you refer, the higher the revenue you earn on each player:

Active Monthly PlayersMonthly Rev Share
Up to 1225%
13 – 5030%
51 – 15032%

Learn about our Rakeback Program and Deposit Bonus to help you attract new players.

How Players Are Qualified

Our Club Poker Affiliate Program is a revenue share plan that enables you to earn money for every customer who visits us through your affiliate link, registers, and wagers.
You can move up the ranks more quickly and seamlessly because earnings aren’t limited to the main product; you also profit from the crossover. If your referred player signs up for poker but plays casino games instead, you still get a share of that revenue. The more customers you attract, the more you make. It’s as simple as that.
The revenue share level you reach depends on the number of qualified customers you acquire per month. The only qualifying factor is that participants play any game on our poker platform.

Why Choose Rounder Casino?

There are many reasons our program is far above other, competitive club poker platforms. First and foremost, we have removed the risk of earning additional revenue by playing the best game on earth. We pay you every month via cryptocurrency or ACH deposit (your choice), so you can easily track your income and avoid tax risks.
Some other benefits of working with us include:

  • We’ll handle all the financial transactions; you won’t have to use personal accounts, perform weekly settle ups, or risk violating federal laws that’ll freeze your bank account and assets.
  • Your players will have more platforms and games to play.
  • There’s no need to burn the midnight oil, handling deposits and cash outs in the middle of the night; that’s all handled by us.
  • We’re committed to providing 24/7 customer support for your players. You can focus on recruiting more players and increasing your income.
  • We offer a built-in set of casino games, as well as a fully functional poker client.

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About Us

Rounder Casino was founded with one purpose in mind: to give poker players a way to play the game they love without the legal and financial risks of operating on club-based apps. We are advised directly by a US-based company, and we’re committed to lawful, fair play.