Rounder Casino - ClubGG

Rounder Casino - ClubGG

Experience High-Stakes Poker with a Recreational Twist at ClubGG

Exclusively at Rounder Casino, ClubGG is designed for those seeking the excitement of high-level play without the pressures of professional poker circuits. Offering a unique blend of competition and camaraderie, ClubGG invites you to indulge in the thrill of high-stakes poker with a recreational spirit.

High-Stakes Poker for Recreational Players

Our club features a wide range of stakes, from 0.10/0.20 up to 5/10, providing the perfect setting for serious gameplay in a relaxed atmosphere. With a focus on the love and excitement of the game, ClubGG is the ideal destination for recreational players looking for high-stakes action.

Dynamic Gameplay & Fair Play Guaranteed

ClubGG introduces a dynamic poker experience with VPIP requirements ensuring active, engaging play, and Bomb Pots for added excitement throughout the evening. We prioritize fair play, with no heads-up tables allowed and vigilant monitoring for any cheating or collusion, ensuring a trustworthy environment for all members.

Introducing the Shark Ratio Rakeback System

At ClubGG, we believe in rewarding our recreational players for their loyalty and dedication. Our unique Shark Ratio Rakeback System is designed to give back to you based on your level of play. The more negative your Shark Ratio, the higher your rakeback percentage, up to an incredible 100% rakeback!

Net Loss Ratio Rakeback Percentage Minimum Rake Required
0.5 and above 0% N/A
0.0 to 0.49 10% $50
-0.01 to -0.5 30% $100
-0.51 to -1.0 40% $200
-1.01 to -1.5 50% $300
-1.51 to -2.0 60% $400
-2.01 to -2.5 70% $500
-2.51 to -3.0 80% $600
-3.01 to -4.0 90% $800
-4.01 and below 100% $1,000

For example, if your Shark Ratio is -2.5 and you've generated at least $500 in rake, you'll receive an impressive 70% rakeback on your play. This means more money in your pocket and more opportunities to enjoy the games you love!

How the Shark Ratio is Calculated

The Shark Ratio measures your net losses in relation to the rake you've generated, calculated by dividing your Total Rake by your Net Loss.

Shark Ratio = Total Rake / Net Loss

For example, if your Total Rake is $1000 and your Net Loss is $2000, your Shark Ratio would be:

1000 / 2000 = 0.5

A Shark Ratio of 0.5 would qualify you for a 10% rakeback, provided you meet the minimum rake requirement of $50.

Conversely, a player with a net win situation does not qualify for rakeback under this system, as it's aimed at rewarding players facing losses.

Calculate Your Shark Ratio