Weekend WQarrior Tournament Leaderboard

Weekend Warrior Leaderboard

Have a pesky job or family keeping you off the tables during the week? We understand! That is why the new Weekend Warrior Leaderboard is perfect for those players that love poker but can’t play every day.

Here’s how it works: each weekend from Friday night to Sunday night all regular events will count towards the Weekend Warrior Leaderboard.

Check below for where you stand and what the prizes for the current month are!

Weekend Warrior Standings & Prizes



  • PlaceTicketsFreerolls
    1$27.50 & $16.50Championship, Monthly Freeroll
    2$27.50 & $11.00Championship, Monthly Freeroll
    3$27.50Championship, Monthly Freeroll
    4$16.50Championship, Monthly Freeroll
    5$16.50Championship, Monthly Freeroll
    6-10$11.00Championship, Monthly Freeroll
    11-15Monthly Freeroll
    16-20Monthly Freeroll
    21-25Monthly Freeroll