Poker VIP Program

Lifetime VIP Rewards and Rakeback Program

By joining Rounder Casino you are automatically enrolled in our lifetime VIP Rewards program. This program offers poker players increasing rewards and cash bonuses the more they play on Rounder Casino. Because we think it is fine to take a break from poker now an then we don’t punish you for taking a break. Your rewards once earned, are yours for a lifetime!

You can see in the table below how many VIP points you need for each tier and what rewards, rakeback and privileges you get as well. In addition to paying rake to earn VIP Points you will also have opportunities to earn extra points via new tasks on your promotions tab.
VIP LevelVIP PointsMonthly Dep. BonusRakebackTotal RakebackOther Benefits
VIP 11020%0%20%Table Chat
VIP 25020%0%20%Avatar Choice
VIP 310020%0%20%Chat Color
VIP 450020%5%25%Lobby Chat
VIP 51,00020%10%30%
VIP 65,00020%15%35%
VIP 710,00020%20%40%
VIP 850,00020%25%45%
VIP 9100,00020%30%50%
VIP 10250,00020%35%55%
VIP 11500,00020%40%60%
VIP 121,000,00020%45%65%
VIP 132,000,00020%50%70%
VIP 143,000,00020%55%75%
Lifetime VIP PointsVIP LevelRakeback %Additional Rewards
11Table Chat
102Avatar Choice
253Chat Color
504Lobby Chat

How it works


Sign Up

Make your account on Rounder Casino and click login.

Play Poker

Play real money poker games on Rounder Casino.


Each time you hit a new tier you unlock more rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions

Every $1 you pay in rake is equal to 1 VIP point. We want players to see and understand this system easily. That is why we chose this simple one to one conversion!

Rakeback will be paid daily around 01:00 AM Eastern Time.

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  1. All players are automatically enrolled in the Lifetime VIP Rewards Program.
  2. You will earn rakeback only as a result of real money wagering on all poker games on Rounder Casino.
  3. Rakeback will be paid daily based on your current tier.
  4. The earning and redemption, removal and forced conversion of the points is subject to our sole discretion and to any restrictions contained on Rounder Casino. We have the sole right to interpret and apply any such terms, conditions, and restrictions.
  5. Rounder Casino reserves the right to award rakeback selectively, at any time, to players chosen at our discretion. Any failure to follow the terms and conditions referred to herein and/or our General Terms & Conditions, any abuse of the Lifetime VIP Rewards Program or any conduct detrimental to the interests of the Promoter or its affiliated companies may result in the termination of your membership of the Lifetime VIP Rewards Program and the cancellation of any accrued points.
  6. Rounder Casino reserves the right to change, suspend, or terminate the Lifetime VIP Rewards Program (including but not limited to: changing the way rakeback is generated, earned, awarded, collected and/or redeemed including by adding further restrictions on the redemption of rakeback).
  7. In certain circumstances, we may at our sole discretion decide to provide compensation to you for the removal of your rakeback. Such compensation may be awarded in cash, bonuses, or tournament tickets.
  8. Rounder Casino reserves all rights and decisions from management shall be final and conclusive.