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Twitch Home Games with The Chip Bandits

Twitch poker home games are a fun way to become part of the community you play poker with. In the light of this Rounder Casino has an official group of poker streamers on Twitch: The Chip Bandits.

With this in mind, Rounder Casino offers a competitive compensation plan to poker streamers. If you are interested in joining the Chip Bandits you can check the streamer page.

You can find our current Chip Bandit home game schedule in addition to the monthly leader board for the Twitch Home Games below.

Twitch Home Game Schedule:

DayTime (ET)Chip BanditHome Game
Monday8:00 PMTikaPlaysHold’em: $100 GTD
Tuesday8:00 PMTheVioletMysteryPineapple: $100 GTD
Wednesday8:00 PMTikaPlaysOmaha PL: $100 GTD
Thursday8:00 PMTheVioletMysteryBadugi: $100 GTD
Friday8:00 PMChatRevokedHold’em: $100 GTD

Each Chip Bandit brings a different style to their show and to their Home Game. Therefore you should check out each one. Chip bandits often provide bonus prizes, tickets and even monthly freerolls for their twitch subscribers and VIP viewers.

Monthly Chip Bandit Home Game Leader Board

Leader Board


  • PlacePrizesInvitational Game
    1Deluxe Poker Card ProtectorMonthly TLB Championship
    2-9Monthly TLB Championship

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