Rounder Casino Tournament Leader Board

Sitting at the top of the Rounder Casino Tournament Leader Board (TLB) means more than just bragging rights. But let’s be honest, those are nice too!

Championship Events and Prizes

  1. Rounder Casino is broadcasting these Championship Events live with commentary on the Rounder Casino Twitch channel.


September TLB Prizes:

1) $250

2) $150

3) $100

4 & 5) $27.50 Ticket

6 & 7) $16.50 Ticket

8 & 9) $11.00 Ticket


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  1. All Rounder Casino Terms & Conditions apply.
  2. This Promotion starts from 00:00 EST June 13, 2020.
  3. Prizes are all paid in T$, which can be redeemed in any Rounder Casino online tournament. Prizes will be paid out within 72 hours of the completion of the calendar month.
  4. Any player found to be influencing the awarding of leader board points during final table deals will be subject to penalties, including, but not limited to, points deductions or disqualification.
  5. Sit & Go tournaments, satellite tournaments, heads-up tournaments, shootout tournaments, restricted-entry tournaments, private tournaments, play money tournaments and Freerolls will not count towards the rankings.