Chip Bandits are the official Twitch Stream Team for Rounder Casino. We have both seasoned pros and recreational poker players streaming Rounder Casino Cash Games and Tournaments on Twitch.TV. 

The Elite Chip Bandits are Rounder Casino’s ambassadors to the poker community and help with planning and development here at Rounder Casino. They deliver honest feedback from the community on how to make Rounder Casino the best Poker Room in the world. 

Are you interested in becoming a Chip Bandit?  

All Streamers on Rounder Casino are also Affiliates, but you earn additional revenue based on your stream.

Don’t just sell your time as a poker streamer; invest your time into building a sustainable, passive income stream.

While streaming you can earn higher revenue share based on your “viewer stream hours”. Viewer stream hours is simply the average viewers multiplied by the number of hours you stream.

Example: You stream for 5 hours and you have 30 average viewers. 5 hours * 30 average viewers = 150 Stream hours.

Viewer Stream HoursShared Revenue BoostExclusive Revenue Boost
100 VSH1%2%
250 VSH2%3%
500 VSH3%5%
1,000 VSH5%9%
2,500 VSH7%11%
5,000 VSH10%13%
10,000 VSH12%15%

Shared Streaming vs Exclusive streaming?

Shared Streaming means you stream Rounder Casino content along with other content. We think this is great for cross promotion and introducing your current audience to a new poker room. You should have a Rounder Casino Table up on your screen 50% of the time and a !Rounder command in your stream title so viewers can learn about Rounder Casino with your affiliate link. More detailed guidelines will be provided prior to reaching a partnership agreement.

Exclusive Streaming means you are only streaming Rounder Casino content.

Please note: this does not mean that you can’t stream other games or poker rooms, simply that hours counting toward your total VHS will fall into one of these two categories. If both styles are used the data will be interpolated by the stream manager at the end of the month.


Small time Gamer

Streamer #1 is transitioning from video games to poker. Averages 10-15 viewers and streaming part time around 20 hours per week.

First Month with Rounder Casino

Player Sign ups: 12

Baseline Affiliate Revenue: 20%

20hours * 10viewers = 200 VSH (Exclusive)

This Streamer would earn 20% Revenue Share from baseline signups and an additional 2% for passing 100 VSH of Rounder Casino exclusive streaming.

Total Revenue Share: 22%

Big Name Poker Streamer

Our big poker streamer already has a following but is just getting started on Rounder Casino.

First Month with Rounder Casino

Because they have such a large following and Rounder Casino is new they are able to quickly sign up 117 players.

Player Sign ups: 117

Baseline Affiliate Revenue: 32%

They stream for an average of 150 viewers and had a Rounder Casino command (!Rounder) and Rounder Casino table up for 50% or more of their stream during 20 hours this month.

20hours * 150viewers  = 3,000 VSH

This streamer would earn 32% Revenue Share from baseline signups and an additional 7% for passing 2,500 VSH of Rounder Casino shared streaming.

Total Revenue Share: 39%

Chip Bandit Team Check List

You don’t have to be a Ninja to make the team but you better be ready to work like it. Our Elite Stream team members have one important goal in common: Twitch Partnership. If you’re not there yet, no problem! We will help get you there! Here is what we need from you:

✅ Integrity

Be honest, have principles and beyond all else, be whole and consistent. Having a solid character is essential to being a good streamer. Your followers must know that you are not only sure of your actions, but you are sure of yourself.

✅ Enthusiasm

Yes! We want you to be excited to be a part of our team, excited about poker and we should see that coming though in how you stream and communicate! Be a TEAM player…support the #chipbandits! A positive attitude is necessary!

✅ Initiative

Be proactive in team building and event storming. Get active on social media. Help generate ideas for how we can join together to benefit the Stream Team as well as Rounder Casino.

✅ Tact

The method of delivery is just as important as the actual content of the package. How you deliver your message makes a big difference in how your message is received. You are an ambassador of Rounder Casino, you must learn to communicate in a way that guarantees what you are saying is being understood in the manner that you wish it to be understood.

✅ Dependability

Can we count on you? Can your viewers and fans count on you? Dependability requires consistent, unwavering action and results. Do not point out a problem; point out the best solution to the problem.

After we review your application with you, there will be a 30-day evaluation period.  The first 30-days will be looking over your stream hours and dependability of your stream schedule. After which, you will spend the next 30-days in a trial evaluation.  During this period, we may have special booster perks, give away incentives, bonuses for sign-ups during stream time, and more! After the initial 60-day evaluation period, you will start earning your streaming incentives if we decide we want you to officially represent Rounder Casino.

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  1. All Rounder Casino Terms & Conditions apply.
  2. Additional Terms & Conditions will be given during evaluation period.
  3. Streamer Incentives are Subject to review by management.