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Rounder Casino #ChipBandits Stream Team

Chip Bandits is the official Twitch Stream Team for Rounder Casino. We have both seasoned pros and recreational poker players streaming Rounder Casino Cash Games and Tournaments on Twitch.TV.

Meet the Elite Chip Bandits

The Elite Chip Bandits are Rounder Casino’s ambassadors to the poker community and help with planning and development here at Rounder Casino. They deliver honest feedback from the community on how to make Rounder Casino the best Poker Room in the world. Check out the profiles of our elite team members to see when you can play and chat with them live on Twitch! These are the streamers you do not want to miss with the biggest giveaways, home games, team competitions, and more!


The Violet Mystery is a Twitch Online Poker Streamer currently playing in micro to low stakes Poker online.  She enjoys MTTs as well as Sit n Go style games yet prefers Turbo/Hyper Turbo format.  Violet joined the ACR Stormers in June 2019 and became part of the Chip Bandits’ family as the Team Manager in May 2020.

Violet resides in North Texas with her husband and two of her children.  As the lead female to a blended family, she is a mother to 9 and grandmother to 6.  She has been a Girl Scout and Boy Scout leader alongside other leadership roles in various community volunteer projects. She spent the better part of 2 decades growing in the corporate world learning business operations and marketing.  Having busted out of the 9-5 race, she pursued an art gallery, photography studio, web design, filmography, video/motion graphics and more.  She now maintains an online innovations business while she follows her new found passion of online streaming and poker play! 

Gripsed is a pro-poker player and coach.  He has played over 15 years and coaching for more than 10 years with more than $1 Million in poker winnings!  His biggest achievements so far are
✔️ Poker BFF for Greg Merson (2012 WSOP Main Event Champ + POTY)
✔️ Poker Coach for Charlie Carrel ($7M+ Poker Winnings)
✔️ Poker Mentor for Ali Imsirovic (2018 Breakout POTY)
You can find more about him here:
🏆 Gripsed.com 
🏆 Gripsed on YouTube

Catch Gripsed Lucky Dollar games on Saturdays!

PadresPatty is simple boy from Vancouver, B.C. Canada trying to make his way through the humbling micro stakes poker world. My best friend Travis is in an exclusive relationship with Lexi Kauffman.

Catch his home game action Monday evenings on Twitch.

Drewski is based out of Richmond, VA with his lovely Wife and Son (plus one very loud dog). His competitive nature has brought him to the poker world. Previously only a live player he’s found online poker as a new outlet during the crazy year of 2020. Enjoys playing NL and any PLO variant at the low to mid stakes for cash games and MTTs. Besides poker he is a big fantasy football enthusiast. Join the stream to talk about poker, sports, and life.
Drewski is live on Thursday nights with home game action!

JoeBobsGotWood is a father of 4, a husband, and a poker player. He and his wife own 2 businesses, one is a personal care home and the other is a resale business… real name is Greg but for some reason every one calls him JoeBob…he loves to stream pretty much because his friends enjoy laughing at him.  He is aspiring to be a pro poker player.  He plays in the WPT tour as it goes through Pittsburgh PA, Washington PA, and sometimes through West Virginia.  He also runs a gaming clan that plays on COD, APEX, FORTNITE, and GTA 5.

JoeBob brings fun to your screen on Wednesday nights with more home game action!

Monthy Chip Bandit's Home Game Leader Board with Prizes!

So you want to be a #ChipBandit ?

chip bandits 4k

Becoming a member of the Chip Bandit Stream Team on Rounder Casino takes serious dedication. We know it may seem like all fun and games just giving away cash prizes and tournament tickets to your viewers, but if you want to get the elite chip bandit badge at the poker table, you have to earn it!

#ChipBandit Stream Team Checklist

You don’t have to be a Ninja to make the team but you better be ready to work like it. Our Elite Stream team members have one important goal in common: Twitch Partnership. If you’re not there yet, no problem! We will help get you there! Here is what we need from you:


Can we count on you? Can your viewers and fans count on you? Dependability requires consistent, unwavering action and results. Do not point out a problem; point out the best solution to the problem.


Be honest, have principles and beyond all else, be whole and consistent. Having a solid character is essential to being a good streamer. Your followers must know that you are not only sure of your actions, but you are sure of yourself.


The method of delivery is just as important as the actual content of the package. How you deliver your message makes a big difference in how your message is received. You are an ambassador of Rounder Casino, you must learn to communicate in a way that guarantees what you are saying is being understood in the manner that you wish it to be understood.


Be proactive in team building and event storming. Get active on social media. Help generate ideas for how we can join together to benefit the Stream Team as well as Rounder Casino.  Some ideas we are working on: Streamer HU challenges; Streamer SnG with viewer predictions; Streamer Day – all stream the same game and talk on discord while live.


Yes! We want you to be excited to be a part of our team, excited about poker and we should see that coming though in how you stream and communicate!

Be a TEAM player…support the #chipbandits! A positive attitude is necessary!

Stream Team Benefits

During the evaluation period, we have special booster perks, give away incentives, bonuses for sign-ups during stream time, and more!  After the initial 60-day evaluation period, we can offer contracted incentives of up to $5,000/month for our top performers.

Rounder Casino offers marketing materials for social site sharing, marketing tips and tricks for how to grow your stream, and even some free poker coaching if you are looking for that! Grow your game and your stream with Rounder Casino!