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Jackpot Spins

Jackpot spins are the fastest way to win 2,400 times your buy-in. This is a fast paces easy to play poker game. 

These ‘Sit & Go’ style games only take 5-10 minutes so you can squeeze in a game any time you like right on your phone.

The buy-ins start at just $0.50 and go up to $20 so that everyone can afford to play this exciting new format.


How Spins Work:

Spins are poker tournaments that start as soon as three players register. Sometimes referred to as Jackpot Sit & Gos or Jackpot Spins they are fast and exciting for the player.

Spins start with a, well… spin 🎰! This will show you what prize you are playing for and could be 2, 5, 15, 120, 240 or even 2,400 times your buy in! 

Played in a hyper turbo format with three minute blinds and a 500 chip starting stack you have to make your move fast to succeed.

If you buy into a $2 spin the prize pool will be randomly selected and could be up to $4,800. That’s a big jackpot for only $2!

Using our poker software:

  1. Click the Spins tab at the top of the lobby.
  2. Select the buy-in amount and how many games you want to register for (up to four).
  3. As soon as your game(s) have three players you will see the prize wheel spin and the tournament begins.
Spin & Go Jackpot Lobby


Jackpot Spin & Go Table
7.2% fee


How long does one tournament take?

Each Jackpot Spin only takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. With 500 chip starting stacks and blinds increasing every three minutes these tournaments are very fast and very fun !


How likely am I to hit a big jackpot?

The top multiplier has a frequency of hitting 1 per 1,000,000 spins. Smaller multipliers hit much more frequently. You can refer to the payout table above for the exact breakdown of all prizes and probabilities.


Why doesn’t it show any rake on the buy-in?

Rake for Jackpot Spins are not paid through your buy-in. The house takes 7.2% as a fee which is built into the prize distribution table.

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  1. All Rounder Casino Terms & Conditions apply.
  2. Spin Prizes with multipliers of 120 or more require a 1x play-through prior to cash-out.