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Using the Web Client (PC, Mac, or Mobile Device)

The web client is easy to use and doesn’t require a download. We highly recommend using the downloadable software but if you are just looking to try things out here are some ways to make the Web Client work for you.

1. Choose the right browser.

On Windows and Android the app works best in a Chrome browser.

On Mac and iOS it works best on Safari.

2. To get the best experience on mobile devices with the web only client you should save the website to your home screen. The images below show you how this is done on iOS, the process is similar on Android.



Click this!


Then Click This!


Let's Play!

iOS Download and Installation

  1. Download the iOS app. This will prompt you to install the app.
  2. Select “Install”. On the home screen, you should now see the app icon indicating that the app is installing.
  3. Once the app install finishes, launch the app.
  4. You will see an error message.
  5. Navigate to the Settings app on your device and tap on “General”.
  6. Next, scroll to “Profiles & Device Management”. Note: Depending on your OS version, this may be called “Profiles” or “Device Management”.
  7. In the Enterprise App section, choose “Big Bright International Inc” Tap “Trust”.
  8. You can now launch the app and login.