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Rounder Casino Poker and Rounder Token

Online poker is in the midst of a revolution: unknown and untrusted poker clubs and apps spring up daily and then crumble in shame just as quickly. Accountability and reliability are in short supply and poker players pay a premium for it. The latest news in poker makes us all feel as if it is us versus them: the big corporation vs. the poker player. But what if you could be the player and the owner? What if you could invest in this booming industry on the ground floor of an exciting new poker room?

In January of 2020, Rounder Casino set out to be the safest place on the internet for online poker, with a focus on preventing bots, collusion, and other common forms of harmful behavior. Rounder Casino is cultivating a positive player community via Twitch, Discord, and other social platforms to bring people together during this challenging year across the globe.

Introduction - Challenges in Online Poker

The biggest challenge with starting an online poker room is getting your first customers and filling up those empty tables with players. No matter what the software or the website looks like, getting those first movers is a big struggle.

Rounder Casino, however, is already a fully operational, active poker room with over 7,000 registered users and hundreds of daily active players. The introduction of the Rounder Casino Poker Token (Rounder Token) will offer utility and bonuses for players and an exciting opportunity for investors. Rounder Casino is developed for poker players and by poker players with the goal of encouraging players to engage in a positive social environment. To make Rounder Casino by and for the players there should be a way for players to invest and become partners in the project.

Since the launch, Rounder Casino has been growing and the level of energy within our community has never been higher. Now is the perfect time to give people a way to become part of the team.

With the launch of Rounder Token, every active user with a minimum balance becomes an owner of the very site they play on. This is great for both players and investors as we believe sharing in the profits will make users more active.

Market Considerations

Online Poker is a tough market in which Rounder Casino has already proven itself! Just take a look at the current activity and growth over the past 90 days:

Active Players Last 90 Days
Active Players Last 90 Days

Rounder Casino aims to provide the best possible experience for poker players. Now those poker players can have a direct stake in the poker room when they own Rounder Token. This means that each player in the poker room has a personal interest in the room’s success! What better way to facilitate the best possible customers and community?


Rounder Casino has identified three key customer profiles important for online poker room growth and sustainability. The following is a brief description of each:

Micro-Recs: These are micro-stakes recreational players. Micro-recs hunt for freerolls, try to grind up a bankroll, rinse and repeat. The value micro-rec players bring to the poker room is day to day activity, social awareness, and word of mouth advertising.

Recreational Players: These are low and mid stakes recreational players. Recreational players are the bulk of what you might find on a $1/$2 no-limit hold’em table in a US casino or poker room. Recreational players have median to high income and play poker as a form of entertainment. Recreational players want a fun, social, and friendly place to play poker.

Pros: Pros are poker players that play high volume, often on multiple tables. Pros are typically not as social as recreational players and care primarily about their hourly win rate.

Marketing Goals

Rounder Casino has identified three primary marketing goals for their target customer profiles:

Player Acquisition: Getting new customers to register their account. The Key performance indicators (KPIs) for this are new registrations and the number of depositing players per registered user as a percentage.

Player Engagement/Activity: Keeping customers active and engaged both socially and by spending more time playing poker. The KPIs for this include Average daily hands and engagement on Rounder Casino’s social channels (social media including Discord, Twitch, In App Chat).

Player Retention/Loyalty: Keeping customers loyal to Rounder Casino. The KPIs for retention and loyalty are Average Customer Activity Lifetime and the Average Customer Lifetime Value.


Rounder Casino uses the above customer profiles and marketing goals to construct each of their promotional campaigns. By focusing on specific goals there is less chance of overwhelming the customer and wasting time and energy with poor ROI campaigns.

The following chart contains simple examples of how this looks in the current promotional environment and some plans for the future to accelerate the growth of Rounder Casino.

AquisitionFreerollsDeposit BonusDeposit Bonus
EngagementDaily RewardsLeaderboardsLeaderboards
RetentionHigh Value VIP ProgramHigh Value VIP ProgramHigh Value VIP Program

Acquisition and Deposits

The above is not all-inclusive but outlines the pleasure and pain points of these customers and how to give each the best possible experience without letting the community cannibalize itself.

The specifics of current and upcoming promotions below give more detail on the implementation of these high level strategies.

Freerolls (Currently in place)

There are three types of freerolls on Rounder Casino that each have specific marketing goals.

Open Freerolls are used to acquire and engage micro-rec customers. Freerolls like this offer great word of mouth customer acquisition and social media sharing.

Password Protected Freerolls, like those that communities like host on Rounder Casino, offer large communities and affiliates’ players an incentive to sign up and try the poker room.

Special Freerolls such as the massive monthly $1,000 freeroll that rewards players for competing on leaderboards, or the $500 depositor freeroll.

Perpetual Deposit Bonus (Full implementation Q1 2021)

First deposit bonuses encourage new recreational and pro players to make large first deposits with higher clearing rates to get them into the action and as active as possible with the goal of earning their bonus. 

With the move to anonymous registration scheduled for January 2021, any bonus that is better for new accounts than existing accounts opens itself up to abuse. For that reason Rounder Casino will have perpetual deposit bonuses available that clear at a rate of 20% ($25 of rake to unlock $5).

Game Activity (Currently in place)

There are currently hundreds of active tournament players each day on the platform. In addition to the tournament action there are cash tables, single table tournaments (sit & go), and jackpot spins running regularly. That means the most challenging part of starting a poker room (going from zero to one) is not an issue for Rounder Casino.

Referral Program (Q1 2021)

There is already an affiliate program in place for large communities that works well. Keeping the current affiliates engaged while allowing individuals to refer friends will aid in the word of mouth expansion of Rounder Casino.

Stream Team (Current & Future)

The “Poker” category has grown into a massive platform over the past 5 years. Leveraging the tens of thousands of daily viewers is the best way the Rounder Casino team believes players can be reached directly on a personal level. The current team has grown to include some of the most popular recreational streamers on twitch.

As Rounder Casino grows in popularity it will continue offering special incentives for these community leaders for their dedication and effort. One of the ways the site can help is through integrating the poker platform with the streaming platform in a unique way.

Twitch Integration (End of Q1 2021)

Twitch Integration will involve the ability to Register, login, and authenticate accounts directly in the poker platform. This will provide benefits and engagement opportunities for both poker players and streamers. Above all, this integration will help bring the community on Rounder Casino together in a positive social way. Streamers will benefit with the increased exposure and the ease in which other players can access their live streams which we believe can greatly increase the audience of entertaining streams.

Pro Tour (End of Q4 2021)

Poker is unique in the way it can draw in viewers while still requiring most, if not all, prize money to come directly from the participants. Rounder Casino wants to change this dynamic and provide a highly competitive level of play where the incentive remains among top players to prove their skill despite a careful evaluation of their skill edge and risk.

Pro Tour Qualifier events will enter players into the larger events with a focus on skill based formats to get highly competitive play. These events will likely require players to prove they are not playing with any assistance similar to live events. This could be with webcams both facing them and showing their screens to ensure they are not using any player assist software.

These Pro tour events would have to bring in a massive number of viewers in order to raise advertising money and brand awareness to the point where the prizes in these events would be very big and mostly or entirely covered by the poker room. The key is to have enough extra money in the event that a professional would see a positive expectation from the event by their own calculation.

Acquisition and Deposits

Login/Activity Rewards (Current & Future)

The current software supports a vast range of promotions and many have been tested in the first year of operation. Expect more refined and targeted gamification and activity based rewards, similar to the recently launched 100 hand bonus, to roll out in early 2021.

Re-Deposit bonuses (Q2 2021)

Special deposit bonus offers will be used to target players who have been inactive for an extended period and will attempt to re-engage those players along with other development and promotional events.

Leaderboards (Current)

Leaderboards are a great way to target and reward a variety of player types across different game styles. Here is a rundown of the current leaderboards that customers compete for:

The Monthly Tournament Leaderboard (TLB) which rewards the most loyal and active tournament players in the poker room with cash rewards and a monthly freeroll championship event.

The Weekly TLB which is a way to let players who may find the poker room part way through the month jump in and be competitive while earning tickets for the big Sunday tournaments.

A Weekend TLB for players who are more recreational and do not have the time to play as much during the week but want to compete just during the weekends.

The Weekly Cash Rake Race for cash table players. This is broken up by the blind levels so that micro, mid and high stakes players can compete with each other for rewards relative to the stakes they play.

Leaderboards (Future)

Leaderboards will continue to roll out and update to ensure growth and rewards for active players in each different game type the poker room offers. The leaderboards to expect soon will be for Jackpot Spin and Go tournaments, aka “Spins,” which are becoming very popular on Rounder Casino and Single Table Tournament leaderboards.

Casual E-Leagues (Q1 2021)

E-Leagues will be a great way for private groups and open leagues with various buy-in levels to create far more social or competitive play. These will likely carry a lower rake per event in order to encourage participation.

Competitive E-Leagues (Q2 2021)

These will be open leagues where players can buy into the league to compete for larger prizes. This system will be the framework for development of the Pro Tour.

Discord Integration (Q3 2021)

Similar to Twitch, integrating discord for registration and authentication will give Rounder Casino the ability to uniquely engage with the community, offering social points, special rewards, and challenges.

Players’ choice tournament creation (Q4 2021)

Tournaments in the lobby can have a voting system that allows players to vote on the game, buy-in and rules for these special events. In order to vote you must put up a buy-in of your selected format which commits you if your format wins. This will be used to learn specifics about our players and player pool to help ensure we are putting up the tournaments that players are excited about with a frequency relative to the popularity of each event. The intent is to have this system use AI learning to generate tournaments based on player pool and patterns for the most engaging events.

Retention and Loyalty

Token Integration w/Poker Client (Target Q1 2021)

Players will be able to deposit and use tokens in special cash tables and tournaments by trading their balance back and forth between Rounder Token and USD. This means you can use the poker room both to play poker with your tokens and hold tokens as an investment!

Distributions will be made based on your account balance and Rounder Token Balance in Rounder Tokens. Players and investors will see the investment earnings reflected in their account transactions on a daily basis.

Lifetime VIP Program (Evolving)

Lifetime Loyalty system will continue to be adjusted and fine tuned but players WILL NOT lose player levels they have earned, so the program will greatly benefit early adopters of Rounder Casino!

Win-Rate Management (Q3 2021)

Social interaction and points that add to loyalty/community score and boosts VIP Reward %. The more friendly and interactive players are in the social media channels and at the tables, the more they earn in rewards. This gives pros incentive to be interactive with players at the table and increase the enjoyment for recreational players.

Advanced AI Fraud Detection (Current & Future)

The current back office software has detection systems in place for collusion, bot detection, and fraudulent behavior. Rounder Casino will always make this a priority and continuing advancement of this technology is key to maintaining a healthy poker ecosystem.

Development Plan & Roadmap

Current State

It is important for any investor to understand where Rounder Casino currently stands in the development process. This is a brief list of current features and game types offered. It is not exhaustive as that level of  detail is beyond the scope of this paper.


Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha H/L, 5 Card Omaha, 5 Card Omaha H/L, 6 Card Omaha, 6 Card Omaha H/L, 6+ Hold’em (Short Deck Hold’em), Courchevel, Seven Card Stud Poker, Seven Card Stud High-Low, Razz, Triple Draw, Badugi, Chinese poker, Open Face Chinese poker, Chinese Pineapple, Chinese Pineapple 2-7, Chinese Turbo, Chinese Pineapple Progressive.

Rounder Casino can combine these into both standard and custom mixed games for tournaments or cash tables including HORSE, 8 Game, HA, and the always popular PLO456.

Tournament Types

Tournaments offer a vast array of options with all of the above games including Re-buys, add-ons, Knockout, and progressive knockout tournaments. Multi-entry tournaments and other unique options will ensure that players find something unique on Rounder Casino that keeps them on their toes.

The future of Rounder Casino

Why would Rounder Casino be willing to offer profit sharing at such a late stage in development? Because in addition to fully embodying the for poker players by poker players ethos, ambitious new developments are on the horizon that will truly make Rounder Casino one of a kind in the online poker space.

Q4 2020

  • Referral Program (Work in Progress)
  • New Activity Rewards (Done: 100 Hand Challenge)


Q1 2021

  • Token publicly available on Rounder Casino for Sale (Done)
  • Twitch Integration
  • Casual E-League Launch


Q2 2021

  • Rounder Token Integration with Poker Client (Partially Completed)
  • Select Casino Games Availability
  • Competitive E-League Launch


Q3 2021

  • Rounder Token Listed on Public Exchanges
  • Discord Integration


Q4 2021

  • Pro Tour qualifying events start
  • Player’s Choice Tournament AI

Rounder Token

The Rounder Casino Poker Token will have three main functions:

  1. Represent an ownership share in Rounder Casino.
  2. Be used as currency on special tables and Tournaments.
  3. Provide lottery, staking and profit distribution rewards for the holders.


Rounder Casino will have the ability to distribute earnings similar to stock dividends through the Rounder Token as profit and earnings grow. This will incentivize buying and holding the token, especially before the payment dates. At Rounder Casino there will be special cash game tables played in Rounder Token that will have a lower rake along with other exclusive events. Finally, there will be a staking lottery where holders of Rounder Token can win additional lottery rewards just for holding Rounder Token.

Rounder Token Sale

Token Allocation

500,000,000 Tokens

90% – Held by Rounder Casino

10% – For Sale to Investors


Token Sales

Private Sale (Pre-Open): 10,000,000 Rounder Token at $0.005 each w/$500 minimum purchase.

Stage I Public Sale: 15,000,000 at $0.0075 each.

Stage II Public Sale: 25,000,000 at $0.01 each.

Stage III: Listed on public exchanges (Target Q3 2021).


Fundraising Projects and Spending

30% – Advertising

40% – Software and website development

30% – Cash holdings, token buy-backs, and other operating expenses


Initial Investor Returns

Pre-Sale Investors will be paid 1% Interest on their balance every 28 days for no less than 12 months.

Upon completion of the Pre-Sale Players will be paid 10 Tokens per $250 in their player account per day.

These numbers will adjust over time based on Rounder Casino’s earnings.

*Initial holding period will be until Stage III sale begins or 12 months, whichever comes sooner.

How to Buy Rounder Tokens

The pre-sale will be done through the current Rounder Casino Poker client or privately for larger purchases. To purchase quickly and secure tokens at the lowest possible price login and deposit $500 or more using Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin. After the transaction clears contact support to request a transfer into Rounder Token.

Alternatively, if you have over $500 on Rounder Casino and would like to move $500 or more into Rounder Token send an email to [email protected] with the Subject: Rounder Token Purchase.

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