Poker Tournaments

There are a lot of poker variants, and tournament types available on Rounder Casino, and each one of those has different Starting Stacks, blind levels, and re-buy rules. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting into on rounder casino! Here is a summary of everything you need to know when browsing the main tournament lobby!

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Main Tournament Lobby

HTML Poker Client
HTML Poker Client
Windows Poker Client
Windows Poker Client

For the purposes of this article, the above images are the “main tournament lobby” and an individual event lobby will be called the “tournament lobby”.

Tournament Structure

Late Registration

Here at Rounder Casino, we think late registration is a good thing, but we also believe in too much of a good thing. Late registration allows players to be flexible with their poker schedule and encourages more players to enter events while rewarding those that register early with more hands!

You will typically see late registration times between one hour and two hours for our standard MTT games.  Turbos are 30 -60 minutes of late registration.  Only our largest events will extend past that, and we don’t have a single event in the lobby currently with a late registration time at or above three hours. Check in the lobby for details about late registration for each event.

Tournament Speed

The time a tournament takes and how fast the structure plays depend on 2 main factors: Starting Stack Size and Blind Levels. Generally speaking, the deeper and slower a tournament is the more advantage skilled players have.

Stack Size

The starting stack will determine well, how many chips you start with. This gives you an idea of how much skill the tournament involves and how long it will take. A larger starting stack will mean a more challenging and skill-based tournament.

Some other labels and their corresponding stacks will be:

Micro: 500 Chips

Small: 1,500 – 3,000 Chips

Medium: 5,000 Chips

Deep: 7,500 Chips

Mega: 10,000 Chips

Blind Levels

A poker tournament’s speed is determined by how fast the blinds increase. The quicker the blinds increase, the faster the tournament progresses from early to mid to late game stages. Our default is for the blinds to increase every 10 minutes. Some other labels you will see are:

Hyper: 1-4 Minute Blinds

Turbo: 5-6 Minute Blinds

Standard: 7-10 Minute Blinds

Grind: 11 + Minute Blinds

Table Size

Online poker tournaments can have different sized tables. The more players at the table the more opponents you have. This means you need better hands to play. Reducing the number of players at the table forces players to open up their play or suffer being eaten by the blinds! While most tournaments on Rounder Casino are nine handed, you will also see 6-Max and 8-Max tournaments!

Tournament Types

Guaranteed Tournaments

Guaranteed tournaments have a guaranteed prize. Rounder Casino pays the guaranteed amount even when the total collected buy-in amount does not meet the guaranteed amount. This does not mean the prize pool cannot go higher than the guarantee though.

The guarantee is the minimum prize, additional buy-ins above the guarantee will adjust the total prize up accordingly. The guaranteed prize will be listed in the main tournament lobby when applicable.

Freezeout Tournaments

Freezeout tournaments do not allow any rebuys, addons, or re-entries. Each player gets one entry in the tournament only. Freezeout tournaments include the KO and PKO games and will be labeled in the lobby so they are easy to find.

Rebuy Tournaments

Most poker sites these days use something called re-entry tournaments. What these do is allow players to pay full price and enter the tournament again as another participant. While allowing players to stay in the game it has another effect that you might not like. The prize pool becomes diluted to the point where players who cash often lose money if they have multiple re-entries.

We don’t use ANY re-entry tournaments and instead stick with old fashioned re-buys. The idea is similar, but each player only counts as a single entry and therefore the prize pool gets bigger up top without paying out more places! This makes sense because you are not increasing the number of actual players, only the number of entries. Bigger prizes when you do cash, you cash big, no more re-buyer remorse.

Rebuy Tournaments also include an Addon. The addon gives you a chance to buy more chips during a tournament. Most addons are 2.5 times your starting stack but they can be more or less.

Check in the lobby for specific information about the Cost, fee, and the number of chips you get for rebuys and addons.

Rebuy-Addon Info Windows Client

Bounty Tournaments (KO)

In a knockout tournament (KO), each player has a “bounty” on their stack. If you knock another player out of the tournament you win their bounty! So even if you lose the tournament at that point the bounty you won is still yours. Bounty tournaments are considered Freezeouts with only ONE buy-in and will be labeled in the lobby.

You can get more information about them in the specific tournament lobby you wish to know more details about.

Progressive Bounty Tournaments (PKO)

A progressive knockout tournament is similar adding one fun change. Now when you knock a player out you collect part of their bounty for yourself instantly, and another part of the bounty goes on your head! Now you become a more attractive target for other players because knocking you out is worth more money! Look at the tournament information to see what percentage of each bounty goes in your pocket vs on your head! Look for PKO labels in the tournament name to find this fun and aggressive tournament style.  These are also considered Freezeouts with only ONE buy-in allowed.

Satellite Tournaments

Satellite tournaments provide tickets to bigger tournaments on Rounder Casino. There are three different satellite styles currently:

  • Sit N Go 5 to 7 max style for a quick entry – found in the Sit N Go tab of the poker room.
  • Regular Satellite tournaments for a variety of game buy-in value starting at 22 cents!

You can see satellite events for a specific game by opening up the specific tournament lobby. 

  1. All Rounder Casino Terms & Conditions apply.
  2. Players must be age 18 or older to participate.