Poker Domes Leader Board

Board Qualification Time:

  • month long event 
  • prizes awarded by the 5th day of the following month

Game Qualifiers:

  • Sit N Go games titled “Poker Dome”
  • all buy in levels 


  • Freerolls
  • Satellites
  • MTTs

Check below for where you stand and what prizes you can get! This is a “dynamic” leader board, meaning the more players that participate, the more players can win prizes.

Leader Board Standings & Prizes



  • Poker Dome TLB Prizes will be awarded based on number of players participating in the race. There must be a minimum of 20 players participating for first prize to be awarded.
    PlacePrizesNumber of Players to Qualify
    1Poker Swagmin 20 players
    2Poker Swag21-35 players
    3Poker Swag36-50 players
    4Poker Swagmore than 50 players

What is a ?

A Poker Dome is a fun 6 or 9 Max Sit & Go game where you can DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your buy in!  The buy ins begin at just $1

6-max = DOUBLE UP       9-max = TRIPLE UP

Can you survive the Poker Domes?