Early Bird Bad Beat Jackpot

Early Bird Bad Beat Jackpot

Rise and Grind! Hit the tables bright and early for an exciting chance to win bonus cash while playing No-Limit Hold’em Poker on Rounder Casino.

How Does the Early Bird Holdem Bad Beat Jackpot work?

To participate in the Early Bird Holdem Poker Promotion sit at any Hold’em Cash tables between 7 AM and 3 PM US Eastern Time. If you lose with Kings Full of Aces or better you Win (Kc-Kd-Kh-As-Ad).

Please, note that in order to trigger the jackpot the player must use both of his hole cards to create the highest possible hand. Also, there’s an additional requirement for players with one of the following combinations: Four Of a Kind, Three Of a Kind, Two Pair, Pair. Players with combinations from the list above must have a pocket pair (when two of the player’s hole cards make a pair) to win the jackpot.

Another requirement to win the jackpot is to show cards. If the player who was supposed to win the jackpot decided to muck or win without showing his cards, he/she will not be awarded the jackpot. For Bad Beat Jackpot both the winner and the person with Bad Beat hand must show their hole cards.

Early Bird 🐦 in Big Games gets Big Worms 🐛

Check the Payouts for each stake level:

Blind LevelLoser's PartWinner's PartAll PlayersTable PlayersRoom Fee
$0.10 / $0.255%3.75%3.125%3.125%1.25%
$0.25 / $0.5010%7.5%6.25%6.25%2.5%
$0.50 / $1.00 +20%15%12.5%12.5%5%

To understand where all the money is going refer to this list:

Loser’s Part: The part of the total jackpot that the player with the losing hand receives.

Winner’s Part: The part of the total jackpot that the player with the winning hand receives.

All Players: This is the part that players sitting at other Bad Beat Jackpot tables will win divided among them.

Table Players: This is the part of the jackpot that players sitting at the Bad Beat Jackpot table will win divided among them.

Room fee: This is the fee kept by the poker room.

The remaining amount is left in the jackpot pool.

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  1. General Terms & Conditions apply.

  2. You agree that by sitting at the Rounder Casino Bad Beat Jackpot tables you will be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

  3. This promotion applies only on real money ring games with the Bad Beat Jackpot tag next to the name.

  4. Jackpot contributions will be taken automatically at a rate of $0.05 per $1 in the pot.

  5. The contribution will only be taken from Smart Jackpot Tables between 7 AM and 3 PM US Eastern Time.

  6. The Bad Beat is only available on hands where 4 or more players are dealt into the hand.

  7. The hand must rake a total of 1 big blind to qualify.

  8. Both hole cards must be included in the Bad beat hand, as well as in the winning hand.

  9. The Bad Beat Jackpot will be divided among the players according to the table listed above.

  10. The hand must go to a showdown in order to qualify for the prize.

  11. Players sitting at multiple bad beat tables will only get one prize. Players who are sitting out on a BBJ table when the jackpot is hit will not qualify for a share of BBJ prize.

  12. Rounder Casino management’s decision is final regarding the authenticity of a “Bad Beat”.

  13. In case of a dispute, the decisions made by Rounder Casino will be final.

  14. Terms and Conditions can be changed at any time by Rounder Casino management.