Software Update 7.8.2

Rounder Casino is live with version 7.8.2! Here’s what the update includes:
  • BUG FIX – Sit and Goes are back.
  • BUG FIX – Badugi tables not displaying in lobby.
  • BUG FIX – Current action on table no longer covers player name.
  • CUSTOMIZATION – American flag replaced British flag for English language.
  • CUSTOMIZATION – Login button now says SIGN UP / LOGIN for clarity.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Added Spanish language option.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Dealer Button is larger and displayed on the table.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Verification cleaned up with accurate labels and upload documents.
In addition to software updates we are increasing the weekly cash-out limit from $600 to $800. Our goal is to bump this up in October as we finish working on some back-end features that will allow nearly instant cash-outs on smaller amounts and rapid 1-6 hour cash-outs on most others. We just need to stress test these systems a bit more to find any unforeseen issues.

Languages & Login button updates

Language Options Updated

Actions no longer stay over screen names

Actions no longer cover screen name

Verification form updated with proper field names and uploads.

Planned in version 7.9.1

Some of the improvements that did not make it into this update but are planned for the next one:

  • Card Spacing, the cards appear a bit close together for some of the deck styles, these will be spaced out so they are easier to read.
  • Satellite tournaments will no longer be displayed in the ‘Regular’ tournament tab.
Have a suggestion for the poker room and want to share it? Send an email to [email protected]!