Rounders After Dark 2.0 - a Twitch Live Stream

Rounders After Dark 2.0 announces a huge comeback  offering players a unique opportunity to earn extra cash for playing their favorite games at night. However, you need to be fast as the promotional Bonus amount is limited. Be among the first number of designated players to take their seats prior the start to reserve your bonus slot!

In it to win it!

With Rounders After Dark 2.0, besides Cash Bonuses and regular Live Commentary on our official Rounder Casino Twitch Channel, we are introducing in-game-specials, a variety of challenges meant to make the game even more amusing and bring extra perks and bonuses for Rounders After Dark players.

Current R.A.D. Schedule

* Friday nights – 2 tables of micro stakes variety cash games.  Bonuses via crazy hands to win with during the live Cash Show on Twitch.  Friday night bonuses consist of cash, tickets, and merchandise!

Each game starts at 9 PM US Eastern Time and runs until Midnight. This show being only 3 hours, there are no breaks. Players sit down and battle it out for fame, cash, glory, and most of all, for fun!!!

Player Rewards

Players on the show can earn bonuses for playing! These bonuses are fixed each night and divided up between the qualifying players. The bonus amount is finalized in the Rounder Casino Discord Channel for Rounders After Dark Players. The Bonus is typically $500 ($1/2 tables) for our Mon/Wed nights Depending on the game, stakes, and number of tables being played for our Micro Cash Bash night, bonus ranges $50-$300.

The more players that are interested, the more days we will open.  

Bonus Requirements

Players must meet the following requirements in order to qualify for the bonus:

How do I join Rounders After Dark?

Join our Rounder Discord Server and find the #cash-games channel. You can find details of current RAD nights there, as well as recommend a game/night you would like to add.

Where to Watch

The show will be live on the Rounder Casino Twitch Channel starting at 8:30 PM Eastern each game night.

You prefer to sit back and watch the fun?

That’s alright! Make sure to spread the word over Social Media then join us every Monday and Friday at 9 PM EST on our Rounder Casino Twitch Channel for your chances to spin the wheel and earn FREE tournament entries.  To qualify as a viewer to win, you will need to participate in the current social media posts and be in the Twitch Stream to claim your spin.  We will also have predictions of play out comes for the viewers to participate in and win even more!

To find out more join our Discord channel.

Past Shows

We post many of the past shows on YouTube. Check out the playlist of them below.

  1. All Rounder Casino Terms & Conditions apply.
  2. To qualify for any bonuses players must play the entire show.
  3. Players understand and accept that all hands may be reviewed after they are played and Rounder Casino maintains all rights to these hands including but not limited to live-streaming, advertising, and social media sharing.
  4. Rake structure on the Rounders After Dark Tables can vary based on bonuses and other factors.