Rounder Casino 2.0

Rounder Casino recently migrated to a new software provider. This upgrade was highly anticipated by our players, streamers and staff for the advanced functionality and user experience it promised to provide.

However, the site is still experiencing issues that have been persistent since our changeover and we want to address these directly. Below we lay out, as clearly as possible, what we see as the major issues and what steps we are taking to correct the issues.


Tournament Ticket Error Message

Let’s be real: this is not what you want to see when opening the cashier on a new poker room. Something definitely went wrong because since the first day we launched, players who were given tournament tickets have been seeing this message.

The good news is that unlike the previous software, players actually can be issued and use tournament tickets. They just can’t see those tickets inside the cashier or lobby interface.

Update: Resolved!

As you can see below, this high priority item was actually resolved before I published this post. It now looks great. You can see your tickets and even scan quickly for tournaments to enter using the tickets.

Open the Cashier and click the Status tab to see your balances and tickets.
Hover over a ticket and click the trophy to see which tournament(s) you can enter.


Have you ever have an idea that you think is the most responsible, methodical, and safe way of doing something that somehow ends up causing a reckless disaster? Well, this my first time seeing it too. The intent with launching only the HTML client was to avoid all the problems on our previous platform. For example, bonuses and rakeback all working a little bit differently in the various clients. Or that really neat bug where HTML tournaments ended their late registration about 20 minutes early. I could list more but the point is, we really thought this would be a more stable option. It wasn’t. The HTML on mobile is not currently a great option for multi-tablers and we should have tested it more thoroughly before making our decision. PC users like having a PC app and we should not have forced them to use a web browser.

What are we doing about it

We have asked for all Application versions to be expedited and available for download on our website. This will mean more training (and to be honest, possibly more bumps in the road) but our priority is to allow players to play on their preferred device and have the most fun gaming experience possible.


This was a real bugaboo during our migration. The system worked for some customers and not for others and so we quickly shifted to manually resetting passwords. We are not currently seeing this issue appear but will keep a close eye on it if players begin reporting anything like this happening again. The issue was primarily related to migrated accounts and new players should not experience the same issues. If you do have issues with re-setting your password contact us using [email protected].


The Identity verification form in the new software is great. That is, if you only want to use a passport. We are working with the developers to get the labels corrected on this form and create two upload fields for Photo ID, and Proof of address documents.

In the meantime you can send an email to [email protected] with the subject ‘Verification’ and they will manually upload your documents and verify your account.


We knew that for a while after the migration hitting our previous guarantees might be challenging for a time. Additionally, we really did not like scheduled tournaments not running due to the min players not registering. We conducted a small survey in the discord server suggesting that people cared more about the tournaments running than they do about the guaranteed prize pool.

However, the silent majority has spoken and it seems they prefer some guarantee on the tournaments.

What are we doing about it

Over the next two to three weeks we will continue adding tournaments with guaranteed prize pools. Starting with the daily main event style tournaments, the Saturday Specials and Sunday Specials.


This one is fairly straight forward. Credit Card deposits are a problem for many reasons and they were not working for us. The decision to stick to crytocurrency, Bitcoin, (Litecoin and Dogecoin coming soon) is final.

What we are doing about it

This one is more challenging. We are currently developing guides and incentives for players new to cryptocurrency to get started. CashApp, Coinbase, and Coinmama are the top recommendations for the vast majority of our players and you can locate those guides by clicking their respective links.


I want to end this post with a sincere thank you to our players, even the ones who have been very upset when they contact us. Our goal is to deliver a safe, reliable and fun gaming experience and we have not provided that across the board to every player. You have stuck with us and continue to offer valuable feedback. You not only spend your money with us but your time: time with support, time in the discord server and time on the tables. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of options for you to play online poker and you choose us.

Thank you.

My promise to you is that we will take the energy and time you have given to us and give it back to you tenfold. We will continue to aim high and do our best to provide the best poker experience anywhere.

As we move forward, expect more opportunities to provide feedback as together we continue to shape the best online poker site in the world.




Rounder Casino General Manager