Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2020! While it was an exciting year for us here at Rounder Casino, we feel the same way most people do about saying goodbye to 2020…relieved. We’re reaching for the stars as we kick things off in 2021, hoping for more happiness, excitement and joy than 2020!

Keep reading to see what we mean.

Rounder Token Update/Benefits

Rounder Token is a brand new ERC-20 Token that Rounder Casino is having developed this year. After a very successful private sale, we are moving on to our stage II sale and will be advertising the token publicly. Learn more about Rounder Token here.

With the Stage II sale we are also happy to announce the benefits Rounder Token Holders will enjoy.

Benefit 1: 18% Annual Dividends Compounded Monthly

Each month, until Rounder Token is listed on a public exchange, token holders will receive 1.5 Rounder Token for every 100 Rounder Tokens in their Balance on the 1st of the month at midnight (Starting Feb 1).

Benefit 2: Cash Dividends Paid Monthly

After Rounder Token is publicly tradable the dividends will switch, and be paid monthly. The cash dividends will be paid at a rate of $0.80 per 1,000 Tokens.

More Rounder Token Information

At the end of January, the development of the ERC-20 Rounder Token will start. Once stage II sales end (Target February 1st) we will begin the process of listing the Token on at least one public exchange. When the Token is made for sale publicly, all Token holders will be free to Buy, Sell, and Trade their Rounder Tokens.

NEW Tournament Schedule ($160K GTD)

In 2021 Rounder Casino will be a poker room where serious tournament players can grind a full schedule. With buy-ins ranging from $1.10 all the way to $109 across 52 daily events, we are excited for tournament poker in 2021!

The highlights of our January Schedule are:

NEW Freeroll Schedule & Depositor Events

Not only is Rounder Casino becoming a destination for serious poker grinders but we haven’t forggotten what this place was built on. Our micro stakes grinders, freeroll drinders and frequent depositors.

With that in mind we are now providing… $6,000 in Freerolls this month!

The highlights for freerolls are:

Tournament Leaderboards & Points

The tournament leaderboards have been a staple of Rounder Casino for a while now. In 2021 we have plans to take things up a notch by adding physical prizes to the leaderboards! That’s right, you are going to start collecting official swag when you hit the top leaderboard spots.

The leaderboard pages are all being updated so you know exactly how points work, how to rank up, and what you are playing for in each leaderboard.

Check them out here:

Weekly Rake Race

The weekly rake race is finally back! Results are updated automatically so you can track your progress every 60 minutes to see where you are on the rankings and how much each place will win in prize money.

The weekly rake race is now separated into tiers by stake level so that micro and high stakes players each have their own races to compete in!

See the current and last week rankings, prizes and more information here.

We hope you are excited about 2021 on Rounder Casino as much as we are! Please be sure to follow us on social media channels (found in the footer). If you are having a great time being part of the Rounder Casino community, share it with your friends and help spread the word.

Happy New Year and good luck in 2021!


The Rounder Casino Team