All in or Fold

All in or Fold Poker Tables (AoF)

Get ready for fast-paced, action-packed poker with Rounder Casino’s new All-in or Fold cash tables. You will have to put it all on the line if you want a chance to win.

How do All in or Fold Poker Tables work

The name says it all here! These tables you have two options each hand, you can go all in or you can fold. There is only one other unique aspect to AoF tables you should know.

Each table has a single buy in amount and you can always take money off the table down to that amount or add cash to the table up to that amount. On most tables the buy in is eight big blinds so on a .10/.25 table you buy in with $2. On the high stakes tables the buy-in is 10 big blinds.

Where to find All in or Fold Tables

To find All in or Fold (AoF) tables navigate over to the cash table tab in the Rounder Casino Poker Client and you will find Green Colored Hold’em tables and Blue Colored Omaha Tables. They have the letters AoF in the name as well to tell you they are All in or fold tables. You can also find the buy in amount in parenthesizes.

Another option is to use the search feature while on the cash tab and type in “AoF’.

You can read a bit of strategy information about All in or Fold Poker here.

$100,000 All in or Fold Jackpot

All in or Fold poker tables on Rounder Casino have something else you should know about and that is a $100,000 Jackpot for hitting a straight flush!

Check the Payouts for each stake level:

Blind LevelLoser's PartWinner's PartAll PlayersTable PlayersRoom Fee
$0.10 / $0.255%3.75%3.125%3.125%1.25%
$0.25 / $0.5010%7.5%6.25%6.25%2.5%
$0.50 / $1.00 +20%15%12.5%12.5%5%

To understand where all the money is going refer to this list:

Loser’s Part: The part of the total jackpot that the player with the losing hand receives.

Winner’s Part: The part of the total jackpot that the player with the winning hand receives.

All Players: This is the part that players sitting at other Bad Beat Jackpot tables will win divided among them.

Table Players: This is the part of the jackpot that players sitting at the Bad Beat Jackpot table will win divided among them.

Room fee: This is the fee kept by the poker room.

The remaining amount is left in the jackpot pool.

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  1. General Terms & Conditions apply.
  2. Prizes are awarded instantly at the end of the hand.
  3. To hit the jackpot in All-In or Fold Hold’em, you must make the best possible Straight Flush by using both of your hole cards and three of the community cards. For example, if a better straight flush can be made using four community cards and just one of your hole cards, your hand is not eligible and the jackpot will not be awarded.
  4. To hit the jackpot in All-In or Fold Pot Limit Omaha, you must hit a Royal Flush with two of your four hole cards.
  5. Only hands which go to showdown are eligible to be considered for the All-In or Fold Jackpot.
  6. 40% of AoF fees will be accumulated to the AoF Jackpot from each hand played per player.
  7. Prizes will be awarded regardless of disconnections, if the player is confirmed to have qualified for the jackpot.
  8. In case of a dispute, the decisions made by Rounder Casino will be final.
  9. If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, Rounder Casino has the right to investigate and remove the players once it’s confirmed.
  10. Terms and Conditions can be changed at any time by Rounder Casino management.